Registration Locks

Registration locks, when used effectively are a cool way to identify buyer’s intent and categorize your leads.

In the image below, you can see the different options that exist for using a registration on listing pages.

You can choose between a soft or hard registration lock.

These features are explained in more detail in the knowledge-based article at the of this webpage.

You can implement registration locks for your search pages and even prompt them to become active after a certain number of views.

Exclusivity is often a very attractive tactic to drive consumer behavior.

Wanting to follow-up with your leads by phone to add a personal touch and/or further assess their interest?

You can include a phone number field in your registration locks.

Check out our article ” Learn The Features Driving the 24 Most Successful Real Estate Websites ” that delves more into registration locks and how a few of our top performing customer websites are implementing them.

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