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How To Use The Friends & Family Search Feature On My Website

You’ll love it.

It’s like Facebook for home-buyers.

Let’s watch this quick video on how this feature works and then, I’ll speak a bit more about it below.

Excited right?

I can tell! It’s really simple and everyone loves it. That’s why we created this page dedicated to teaching you how to do it.

Say goodbye to all the text messages you’ve been bouncing around between the 5 or 6 six houses you are considering.

Using this feature allows you to keep all those conversations in one area, all you have to do is sign in and select the listing from you dashboard and reply away or even invite more friends or family to see their thoughts on your property likes. 

Oh, before you, let me answer the question you were about to ask yourself.

Yes, it works on your phone as well.

Got questions about this feature that we haven’t answered?

Check out our Friends and Family Search FAQ page or just submit your questions in the contact us form below.

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