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These homes are surrounded by high ranking schools and only a 15-minute drive, 20-25 minutes with traffic to the downtown area. Amazing location, with 3 hospitals within a 15-mile radius. An investment haven and growing area in the city.

The property values here are expected to triple in the next five years. Numerous eateries and local parks but heading east on U-379 is an amazing green way on a scenic 14-minute drive. Interested in sports for the kids, head another 8-minutes and enjoy the offerings at the state-of-the-art Tyson Gay Athletic fields and Sports Complex, equipped with indoor and outdoor infrastructure for every sport and every season. 

Homes are opening at $370,000 on the low end and maxing out at $6.7m on the high-end for the luxurious condos and mansions in the celeb haven, often used for filming select scenes in the latest television series, movies and music videos. 


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