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Friends & Family Search

This is one of the coolest things about Showcase IDX.

With Showcase IDX’s proprietary friends and family search feature, home-buyer conversations happen right on your site.

This means you have return visitors, who are focusing their search solely on your website and inviting others, because it offers that social interaction that speeds the closing process.

Example of On-site Dialogue

Jamie and her family are looking to relocate. A google search drives them to a listing on Ben the Realtor’s page.

She’s already sold on the house, now she wants to get her family on board.

Jamie invites her husband through email to come view the listing.

Notice how Jamie is able to invite and have dialogue with the entire family (her Husband Jack and Daughter Kennedy) on the house they want.

She also goes one step further and invites her friend Cheryl who is house-hunting to view the house she’s looking at and encourages her to find an opening in the neighborhood so they can be neighbors again.

This is an example of how the Friends and Family Search Feature can be a lead magnet and speed the closing process for home-buyers.

It’s great for realtors too, because it keeps active home-buyers searching for properties on your site and offers social interaction similar to Facebook.

Ever wondered why you spend so much time on social media?

Really, it’s mostly because it connects you with your friends and makes digesting information fun. So let’s just imagine if your site makes the home-buying process anything similar what it could mean for your business and for customer satisfaction.

Elements of Friends and Family Search

The share feature box.
Allows home-buyers to share the listing on their social media channels.

The on-site chat box.
Allows home-buyers to invite friends, comment on listings or share a reaction.

The on-site chat box.
Allows home-buyers to also post private or public comments.

The activity box.
Allows home-buyers to see how recent the listing was viewed or updated, which is often an indicator on how much longer they have to make a decision on the listing.

Many views and comments can indicate a hot property that could close in any minute.

The Friends and Family Search feature comes highly recommended and is love by agents and home-buyers equally.

Every successful Real Estate agent will want to have this on their website.

Learn more about this feature in our knowledge based article here.

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