All You Need to Know About Living in Camelot, Arizona

The geographical area of Camelot has been zoned for tax breaks by King Arthur after a group of lobbyists struck a deal in parliament to bring the once favored community back to its glory.

Sprinkled with a few fixer-uppers, the city is offering a two-year waiver on property taxes for first time homeowners and a 5% down payment match, to purchasers willing to join the #ThousandDayNoSellOrMoveCamelot initiative.

A 140-acre forest space has been cleared and zoned for development, 50 acres for commercial development and the 60 acres for residential development.


The property values in these areas are expected to triple over the 5-8 years and real estate economists are declaring Camelot the future mini Hilton Head.

As of March 01, 2021 Camelot had 600+ available listings. 

The home values ranged from $889,000 to $32,132 and a vast majority of low cost, fixer upper properties are sprinkled across the city. A first time home-buyer or investor can acquire property for $40,000 to $70,000. Two or Three bed and bathroom houses with adequate yard space, two car garages and open balcony views. 

Interested in living or purchasing properties in Camelot? 


There are a number of great private and public schools in Camelot.




The King Arthur School for the Gifted, ranks 17th across the nation for students with exceptional abilities and 23rd overall across all schools. It offers more time for 1-on-1 attention with students, boasts passionate and proven educators with a track record of creating leaders in business, science, technology, arts and literature.

The King Arthur School for the Gifted produces global citizens.




The Sir Lancelot High School is one of the most rounded schools in the nation. This institution remains competitive in sports and academics. Having produced top performing Olympic athletes and congressmen and senators.

98% of students each year matriculate to pursue higher education.




The Lady Guinevere Middle School and Kindergarten is also well ranked nationally and has tailored programs to assist the youth in finding their passions, developing them and becoming active citizens.

Food and Entertainment




Camelot has numerous eateries and a plethora of entertainment spots. Famous for the wizard’s crust pizza named after fabled wizard Merlot.





In the winter, Camelot attracts many tourists, who stop by on their travels or visit to get some pendragon cookies.

For breakfast 

  • A1 Pancake House 
  • iHop 
  • Garden Eggs
  • Nimueh’s Brisket

For brunch   

  • Ozanna’s Roadhouse 
  • Catherine’s Table 
  • Lionel’s oven

Evening dining 

  • Morgan Le Fay by the river 
  • Lady Catherine’s Steaks 
  • Lancelot’s Sea Water Dining

Notable Sites and Landmarks

Excalibur’s Birthstone

Merlin’s Path

Castle Camelot

The Knights of the Round Table

Traffic and Transportation

The city has moderate traffic in peak hours which adds on 20-30 minutes of travel time, access to train and bus via Camelot Metro as well access to the different private transportation options (Uber, Lyft, Merlin’s chariot and regular taxi services).



Taxi Services


Camelot’s Chapel of His Lord Jesus

  • Located at 3a Merlot Drive, Camelot Arizona 00001

Camelot Methodist

  • Located at 345 Road Ave, Camelot Arizona 00003

New Spirit Church

  • Located at 38743 Squirrel Blvd, Camelot Arizona 00006

New Hope Baptist

  • Located at 756 Hope Road, Camelot Arizona 00012

Camelot’s Hope (non-denominational)

  • Located at Knights Blvd, Camelot Arizona 000010

Parks and Recreation




Tyson Gay Athletic Fields and Sports Complex

Located at 12345 Arthur Lane, Camelot Arizona 00009




Lady Guinevere Trails and Mountain Range

Off highway 38, Exit 643 Merlin Highway, Camelot Arizona 00000




Pendragon National Park

Located inside the city,12 Camelot Royal Parkway, Camelot Arizona 00023





Merlot’s Grimoire

Located Inside the city, 210 Camelot Royal Parkway, Camelot Arizona 00023




Mordred Reading Center

Located at 15363 Arthur Lane, Camelot Arizona 00009

Community Organizations




Camelot’s Boys and Girls Club

Located at 153 Mile Lane, Camelot Arizona 00019





Camelot’s Kiwanis Club

Located at 200 Martin Luther King Drive, Camelot Arizona 00019




Lady Catherine’s Women’s Club

Located at 200 Rosa Parks Avenue, Camelot Arizona 00014




Nimueh’s Men of Distinction

Located at 7 Thurgood Marshall Drive, Camelot Arizona 00019

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